Thursday, March 1, 2007

Top 10 Songs of 2006- #1

#1- Justin Timberlake featuring Timbaland "Sexyback"
Why is “Sexyback” the number one song of 2006? Because it was the only song of the year that I would turn on the radio just so I could hear it. Even now, almost eight months later, I am still no where near being sick of the damn song (the true measure of greatness for a pop song). And, unlike most of the previous entries in this countdown (I’m talking to you “London Bridge” and “Buttons”), “Sexyback” isn’t even a guilty pleasure- it’s just pleasurable. With the help of super-producer Timbaland, Timberlake takes the risk of alienating his fans by pushing his sound into a whole new electronic/dance/R&B genre. In the hands of a lesser singer, “Sexyback” could have been an average, run of the mill booty-shaking song, but Timberlake (and Timbaland) transforms it into three and a half minutes of pure energy.

What more can I say about this song? It’s already been praised to high heavens, spent seven weeks at number one (making it Timberlake’s biggest hit to date and the second biggest song of 2006 after Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”) and “bringing sexy back” has become a catchphrase big enough that Al Gore used it in public. The necessity of even doing the previous justifying is simply futile. “Sexyback” speaks for itself and the future of Justin Timberlake’s career.

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