Thursday, June 5, 2008

Robert Downey, Jr. is Still the Coolest Guy Ever

Is it weird that I kinda want to see Tropic Thunder this August? I know it's directed by and starring the least funny comedian in movies right now, Ben Stiller, and that blackface has me a teensy bit worried. After seeing the above clip from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards last Sunday, I think Robert Downey, Jr. has the ability to make it work. If anyone can make me forget about a white guy in blackface (in 2008, no less) it would be Robert Downey, Jr. He can be so funny without even trying (the same can't be said for Ben Stiller, who tries waaaaay too hard and still isn't funny). Only Robert Downey, Jr. could turn the ridiculous, self-indulgent dialogue of Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang into one of the funniest performances of that year. I'm glad that he's making a comeback and I hope he'll make Tropic Thunder worth it.

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