Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Dame Wears Black for Andy

In case you don't follow the multitude of film people I do on Twitter or have an actual life that doesn't revolve around something so arbitrary as film awards, today was Oscar nomination day. I used to be really into predicting and following the Oscar race, but as the years have gone on, I have become more and more disillusioned with the whole spectacle. Sure, I still live for the actual show itself and I do follow the race with a passing interest, but it doesn't hold the same magic for me it once did. I have realized over the years that I'm much more fascinated by the non-consensus personal ballots I see from online bloggers I admire. I don't care if we disagree, I just love seeing people pick movies and performances they truly love rather than pick stuff that falls into the category of good taste. Oscar, for the most part, doesn't do that and that is why I've become disengaged.

This year, however, I did have one Oscar wish: that my beloved Andy Garfield would get a nomination for his work in The Social Network. Unlike my no-chance-in-hell campaign/wish for La Tisdale to get a nomination for High School Musical 3, Andy was a legitimate contender. He had the Golden Globe nom, the BAFTA nom and a considerable amount of support behind him leading into today. The recent SAG omission stung but you never know with that group and the way they pick their nominees. So, I went in this morning confident, believing in the power of The Secret, that Andy would get his well-deserved nomination and I'd do this happy dance:

I was at work this morning when the nominations were announced, so I was horrified to discover these two tweets on my phone during my morning break:

Cut to my (and probably Andy's) reaction:

HOW CAN YOU MAKE ANDY CRY, YOU HORRIBLE BASTARDS?! What did he ever do to you to hurt him like this? You all saw The Social Network. You all know how amazing he was. So why did you ignore him in favor of Geoffrey Rush being old and Australian? Ugh, so many questions, so little answers.

In honor of my new mood, I quickly posted this on my Twitter:

It is, officially, a day of mourning. Instead of ending nearly every tweet with "Oh Andy" (sexual connotation implied), we must now end them with "Poor Andy" to honor the memory of this now dead dream. The mourning period will last for an indefinite amount of time but, do not worry, fellow Andy lovers. He will rise from the ashes once again and eventually he'll go from this...

to this...

(I don't even know what that is, but I love it! Adorable Andy strikes again)

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