Thursday, October 6, 2011

"She died as she lived: on all fours with three closeted actors staring at her butt."

In case you haven't seen me stanning the fuck out over this in the past week, Melissa McCarthy was the guest host on Saturday Night Live last Saturday. And, in case you have been living under a rock, she was fucking incredible, my favorite host since Jesse Eisenberg. Whether she was "dancing" with her Bridesmaids co-star Kristen Wiig, taste testing new Hidden Valley ranch dressing flavors or fellating a horse balloon, Melissa was a laugh riot from the beginning until the very end. Can we just give her her deserved Guest Actor Emmy already, please? I've already watched the episode twice and still haven't deleted the episode off my TiVo. The only other SNL episode I kept after I watched it the first time was the legendary Betty White episode (and right now I'm having a flashback to Betty shouting "Wizard of ASS!") so that is high praise indeed. I loved every second of the episode, but my favorite sketch has to be this TCM parody where Melissa plays a Mae West-like character named Lulu Diamonds. Here is the sketch:

My favorite thing about this sketch, besides the way Melissa says "Cheese 'n crackers!", is the fact that the entire sketch revolves around her falling down the stairs multiple times. And, without fail, I fucking crack up Every. Damn. Time. True story: Sunday morning I was at work and happened to think of the moment where Melissa crawls up the banister and then falls down on the staircase, and I started laughing completely out of context while the customer I was helping was paying for their purchase. Kind of embarrassing. But I have no regrets. Between this and rediscovering her work in Bridesmaids, I am officially a stan for Melissa McCarthy.

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