Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Dame's 2012 Playlist: Dragonette "Let It Go"

Dragonette has always been a band that I've appreciated far more than I've ever loved. They had a couple of great tracks on their Fixin to Thrill album from 2009. Their collaboration with Martin Solveig, "Hello," was nice the first ten times or so I heard, but it quickly wore out its welcome. So, color me surprised when I fell head over heels with "Let It Go" the minute I heard it. This doesn't happen very often, so I knew that this was not a drill. If someone asked me to describe "Let It Go," I could only use one word: euphoric. I absolutely adore the way that infectious, pulsing beat nearly drowns out every lyric in the song. It's a risky stylistic choice, especially considering that the lyrics aren't even bad by any means (and that the way the lead singer howls "Let it goooooooooooo" is the best part of the song), but it pays off in aces for the group. With one triumphant single, Dragonette has gone from "meh" to a "must listen at all costs"; in other words, there is hope for you still to turn things around, Keri Hilson.

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