Monday, January 29, 2007

The First Entry is Always the Most Awkward...

Oh, why, hello out there! Welcome to "The Rants of a Diva", the first blog from me---James Henry. Why "Rants of a Diva"? Well, I tend to rant about random things (and there will be many) and I am a diva (a much bigger one than a certain person who thinks she's a diva.

Here are some things that will pop up periodically:
1. Movies---This is my major passion in life and it, at times, consumes my life. I love films from the silents to now, so any film could be talked about at any point.
2. Favorite Actors & Actresses and Performances---I love film performances and can define my life from any given number of characters, so they will be mentioned quite a bit.
3. Movie Awards---Alright, I'm an awards show junkie. I can admit it.
4. "The Golden Girls"---Possibly the GREATEST TV show ever created. I've been watching it religiously for years on Lifetime and now own almost every season on DVD.
5. Other Random TV Shows---I love TV almost as much as movies. You'll hear about shows as diverse as "I Love New York" to "House".
6. Celebrity Gossip---Sorry, but it can't be avoided- a major part of my existence is devoted to Britney's latest antics.
7. Tons of other fun stuff!

I hope you all look in on my blog once in awhile and comment whenever you want. If you care to disagree with me and my opinions, do so (I guess) :P. Well, so long for now!


Anonymous said...

James It Jill. I'm a bigger diva, and you should just admit it, you slut....Lots of love, i'm really excited for your blog!!

~Kathryn Joy~ said...
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**Kathryn Joy** said...

Wow, James Henry is about the last person in the world I would expect to have a blog!
So what's going on with Brittany Spears these days?