Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Top 10 Songs of 2006- Honorable Mentions

I know the time for the end of the year lists has somewhat passed, but I feel the need to share my personal Top 10 songs of 2006.

2006 was, in my opinion, a great year in music---the return of the shitty, so-bad-its-good pop song. After a couple of years of the same old-same old rap songs and crappy JoJo songs like "Leave (Get Out)", 2006 brought back some catchy shit to sing along to.

In honor of this wonderful year in music, everyday or so I am going to post one entry in my countdown. And today I will be starting with some songs that I loved but just missed making the list.

>Chamillionaire "Ridin'"---Apparently there's a message about racial profiling in this rap song, but that only adds to its inherent corniness. This is the way I like my message songs- easy to dance to and with a catchy chorus.

>Cherish "Do It To It"---Okay, so I know that these girls don't really have much vocal ability and will probably have a hard time producing another hit, but this song really accomplishes what it has set out do- it makes me want to "bounce with it, drop with it, lean with it" and "rock with it".

>Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean "Hips Don't Lie"---Oh Shakira, it's been too damn long. From the woman who brought us such wonderful ass-shaking songs like "Whenever, Wherever" and "Objection (Tango)", we get another catchy, Latin dance song. I don't know how she keeps on making songs like these, but I hope she keeps it up.

>Beyonce "Irreplaceable"---Beyonce's third single from "B'day" is the biggest hit from it yet and is further proof that she is actually trying to take her music into a better, more mature direction.

>Fergie "Fergalicious"---As if "London Bridge" wasn't great enough, Fergie had to unleash this upon us...and I LOVE her for it.

>Jennifer Hudson "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" and Beyonce "Listen"---If these songs had been released as singles, they would have been included in the Top 10 (probably at #1 and #2). But I had a hard enough time choosing this list and felt it wasn't fair to have those songs compete with these two showstopping, power ballads from the musical Dreamgirls. There will be more about J. Hud's and her impressive interpretation of this legendary number in an upcoming post, but Beyonce earns her due as she tears shit up on "Listen" and more than holds her own in the vocal department.


J.D. Judge said...

Uh... "Listen" and "AITYING" were released as singles.

James Henry said...

Yeah, I guess you're technically right, but for some reason I consider a song a "single" when I hear it on the radio. I'm just strange like that.