Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When Archie Met GaGa

Why does David Archuelta get to meet all of my gay icons? Seriously, he is one lucky bastard. But he's also completely adorable so it's hard to begrudge him (much). My favorite thing about this clip (and the one with Kathy Griffin) is that Davie is as awkward with the larger than life Lady GaGa as any normal, non-celebrity would be. I know if I randomly ran into Lady GaGa somewhere, I wouldn't have anything interesting to say so I'd spend the time either panting like a sex-crazed lunatic or shouting "I LOVE YOU!" at her like every other gay fan. At least Davie is able to keep his cool and even ends up making a funny when hugging her, "I don't wanna get poked by that" (meaning her dress, obviously).


J.D. said...

Holy fuckballs.

My body just...did something entirely inappropriate.

Vance said...

They need to duet. That would be weird and awesome.