Friday, November 27, 2009

An Open Letter to Glee

Dear Glee,

Please get better. Soon. This week's episode was an abomination against all humankind. I seriously haven't rolled my eyes that much in such a short span of time since the love scenes between Troy and Gabriella in HSM3.

I know some readers out there think I'm just a big ole player hater who will never be satisfied with the show, but that's not true. I just think that Glee has the potential to be a great show and isn't living up to its initial promise. The show is coasting on its enormous buzz right now and hasn't done much in the episodes since its phenomenal debut to live up to all of it. Sure, there have been moments of inspiration and cleverness (I especially loved the Mash-Up episode with the girls' singing 'Halo' and 'Walking on Sunshine') but nothing has even come close to matching this moment of magic:

And on Wednesday, my God, I swear recovering from surgery was less painful than what happened on Glee. I mean, the whole "I've seen this episode five times before" plot (Baby business and Rachel loves Finn? Oy vey) was bad enough, but once they showed the deaf choir "singing" 'Imagine,' I almost fucking lost it. What the fuck was that? You can call it "inspirational" or whatever the fuck you want, but that was shameless manipulation, pure and simple, worthy only of the Idol Gives Back special. And then they had the balls to sing another soppy ballad, 'True Colors,' at the very end, just to top off the shittiness. Glee could be so much better than anything as dire as those by-the-books numbers and yet it keeps on relying on this over and over again. If they switch things up a bit like they did for 'Don't Stop Believing,' 'Halo/Walking on Sunshine' and the recent rendition of 'Dancing With Myself,' the numbers become much more interesting. Without this creativity, Glee becomes nothing more than a show with a mediocre plot and kids singing mediocre Broadway karaoke.

Dame James


Anonymous said...

I agree. This last episode was really really bad. I especially hate what they did to Puck's character with the whole sexting thing. LAME! But I really hope these next two episodes are good. Glee is too much of a rollercoaster so far.

Vance said...

I think I need to give you a hug.

Or a slap. You can pick.

(the sad thing is, while I was watching it, (and actually enjoying it), I was thinking, I bet you DivaJames is rolling his eyes right now. :P)

Dame James said...

Kameron: Yes! I almost forgot about Puck. This whole time he's been portrayed as this really sweet guy with an ultra-macho exterior and then they completely changed his character just to suit the episode's plot. Completely stupid move on their part.

Vance: I think it's even sadder that when I was rolling my eyes I kept thinking "Vance and mB are going to hate me when I tweet about how awful this shit is."

Vance said...

I don't hate you. But I will give you a hug. Right after I slap you.

Actually, your hatred for Slumdogs made me like you even more (but I still love that movie. I'm not agreeing, but I found your rant amusing. (pats head in a condescending way while trying not to be condescending))

Anonymous said...

Wait? You hated Slumdog? ...