Sunday, January 3, 2010

Music Video Iconography of the 2000's

I'm a child of the TRL Generation. Everyday, for years, I would rush right home after school and watch Carson Daly count down the Top 10 music videos of the day. As a result of this, I've seen many videos so many times they have literally become ingrained in my brain. I can recall certain images and moments in the most random of music videos that others have forgotten years ago. It is sad but true. Anyways, with the close of the decade, I wanted to pay tribute to some of the most iconic images from the music videos of the 2000's. Whether it's an outfit, a dance or just a look, these are iconic moments that made me gay, made me laugh and celebrated my love for the artform. How many of these do you recognize?

In rough chronological order...


J.D. said...

No chair dance from "Stronger" = fail.

But this is relatively good, despite. ;)

Dame James said...

Well I couldn't include everything, could I? ;) Besides, the red leather jump suit trumps everything.

Anonymous said...

Awesome list!!!!!

Adam M. said...

I think most of Britney's videos could potentially make such a list-- but the red leather jumpsuit definitely tops.

Some other video moments I'd throw in the mix:

NSYNC - 'Bye Bye Bye'
Outkast - 'Hey Ya'
Gwen Stefani - 'Hollaback Girl'
Rihanna - 'Umbrella'

But I think that 'Single Ladies' and the dance in the video takes home the gold if we're talking iconography. The most ingenious display of choreography since 'Thriller'?? I think so.

Great post, James :)