Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Love is Love"

I had a lot to say after this week's episode of United States of Tara, namely the locker room showdown between eternally lovable Marshall and the douchey, extremely radical gay Lionel. Unfortunately, the post I had started was going nowhere and ended up sounding a little hypocritical, so I stopped and gave up on the whole thing. Thankfully, Kameron pointed out this article from AfterElton that sums up perfectly what I wanted to say in that post. I normally can't stand AfterElton--I find they believe that unless you support every gay artist (even at the expense of a better straight one) or every gay cause, you are a bad, self-hating gay--but for once I think they hit the nail on the head with this one. Marshall is not the enemy here. His position may be a tad worrisome, but I think his greater point that not every gay can be (or should be) as "out there" as Lionel, looking for biases and hatred everywhere they go, is one worth repeating.


Matthew Lucas said...

Yeah I generally think attitudes like that hurt, rather than help, the cause for gay rights. It doesn't look good, and lessens the impact of REAL hatred and injustices when they do come along.

seanisbored said...

Moosh <3

USoT is stirring it up again by adding this confusion to his character and I love it. This show is never boring/straight-forward