Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tom Ford is My Daddy

A couple of days ago, I asked my Formspring peeps about which men old enough to be their fathers they would want to have sex with. My guys did not let me down, coming up with a wide variety of older hunks that put many of today's younger generation to shame. One name that popped up repeatedly was fashion designer and film director Tom Ford. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been crushing on him ever since one of Oprah's numerous Oscar specials when he came on with Colin Firth to talk about A Single Man. He is such a smooth motherfucker; every word that came out of his mouth literally had me melting into my chair. When I saw him on a couple of people's lists, I decided to do a little investigating of my own. I knew he was older, but I didn't realize until I checked Wikipedia that he is old enough to be my father! In face, he's actually nearly four years older than my own father. My jaw nearly dripped to the floor when I saw he was born in 1961. Nearly 50 years old and he looks like that. Shit son, if I look half as good as he does now when I'm 30 I'll consider myself lucky. And, as a healthy 21-year old male, I'm proud to say that I would tap that in a heartbeat. I would have no problems calling Tom "Daddy" if he asked me to.

I have to admit something though: I find Tom Ford interesting beyond his general sexiness (and his potential as a director). From the way he styles himself to his ad campaigns, he brands himself as this taboo-shattering, sexually-liberated playboy. When I look at him, I imagine him hanging out at all the clubs with his famous model friends and leaving with two or three hot 20-something men hanging off his arms which he takes back to his place for a hot orgy. I also like to think that behind the scenes of A Single Man he was banging his "muse" Nicholas Hoult just because he could. But then I read he's been involved with the same man, a man who's around 20 years older than him, for decades and I'm doing the Miley "Whuuuuuuut?" Those two images do not go together in my head at all. Like, I'm happy that he's found someone to be in a committed, stable relationship with, but it seems like such a waste. That sexy man-goodness belongs on top of a hot 20-year old, not a senior citizen.


Matthew Lucas said...

So wait...Tom Ford is banging a 70 year old?

I mean I don't want to demean what they have, that's sweet that he has a long term partner that he's in love with.

But it seems like kind of a waste. Not gonna lie.

J.D. said...

Does this make us brothers?

seanisbored said...

The last sentence of this post is poetry.

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