Friday, March 26, 2010

More Male Models!

I'm working on a host of other projects--both blog and school-related--so to tide you over until I can get some writing done, here are some pretty male models to stare at.

(My apologies to the three straight guys who read this blog. This post is admittedly very, very gay).

Dylan Forsberg
I've talked about this young man
before, but I found some more pictures that were too yummy to ignore. And I have 50 more on my computer where these came from.

Simon Nessman

Sam Way

Nicolas Ripoll


Vance said...

that post wasn't gay AT all...

Dee said...

I adored this eye candaay.

Hey I'm a girl, so thanks a lot.

Matthew Lucas said...

Dylan Forsberg kind of looks like Cillian Murphy meets Anton Yelchin in that third picture.

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