Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ryan Murphy Can Go Fuck Himself

Now that I've given up watching that horrible, horrible show about the adventures of a certain glee club, I figure it's time to stop bitching about the show and move on. But this news was so completely disgusting that I had to say something about it. To be honest, I was actually excited for Glee's upcoming Britney tribute. God knows why, knowing how both the Madonna and GaGa tributes turned out and the fact that they were just going to lazily pick her biggest hits like 'Stronger,' '...Baby One More Time' and 'Womanizer' instead of really digging into her discography, but it's true. I was glad that the show was giving Britney her due as a pop legend and gay icon instead of seeing her as a mentally unstable woman like most people seem to do nowadays. But, of course, I gave Glee way too much credit. With the news that Mr. Schu will be shaving his head as some sort of "tribute" to Britney's infamous haircut, I now realize that this whole episode is going to be a sick farce. Listen, I can deal with an occasional joke about Britney attacking a car with an umbrella, but what Glee is doing is nothing more than exploiting a woman who was clearly suffering a psychotic breakdown for cheap laughs. As one commenter on Just Jared said, this is the same as paying tribute to Rihanna by having a character get the shit beat out of them. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if you're going to devote a whole episode to celebrating one of the most influential artists of the past decade, maybe you should focus on the positives and all the things she's done for pop music. Glee, you are a disgusting show. Ryan Murphy, you are the biggest asshole of them all. This show is supposed to celebrate peoples' differences and how that makes us all great, so how is this okay? Would you make an episode re-enacting how Artie came to be in his wheelchair and then laugh about it? LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE if this is your idea of celebrating her.

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