Monday, September 27, 2010

Ryan Gosling: A Cure for the Blues

I have been planning on writing this post about how Ryan Gosling, whom I've always found attractive, has been really smokin' lately since the premiere of his latest film at Cannes in May. You know how that goes, though: a good idea gets thrown around for awhile with promises of "I'll get to that later" and before you know it, it's September already. Even after all this time, this post still might not have happened if it wasn't for my friend Kelli being in a sad mood. She has a mad crush on Ryan Gosling and I thought these pictures might cheer her up a little. Some friends offer sympathy hugs, others will be a shoulder to cry on; I provide pictures of hot guys. That's just the way I roll. So if you're having a bad day/week/month/eternity, I hope pretty pretty Ryan will make you happy for even just a little bit.

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