Sunday, October 31, 2010

Must See Hotties on Outsourced

I am a superficial person. I have made no secret of watching movies, television shows or listening to certain artists just because of an attractive male. Usually, I'm on the ball with the latest hotties, but I've let you down, dear readers. Last Thursday night, I had NBC on in the background while I was online and Outsourced, the network's newest addition to the Must See TV lineup, came on. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the two hotties among the show's cast:

The first is Ben Rappaport as Todd, the American boss sent to India to run his company's new call center. The second is Sacha Dhawan as Manmeet, Todd's employee and possible "bromantic" partner. Todd is supposed to be in a quasi love triangle with another Australian expatriate and an Indian co-worker, but, of course, I kept hoping for Todd and Manmeet to get together. And it's not as if I was pulling this out of thin air. In one episode, Todd invited Manmeet out to a nice restaurant for a hearty American meal. In another more telling moment, Todd and Manmeet found themselves trapped in the break room closet together trying to avoid an annoying co-worker. Sure, they were talking about chicks the whole time, but I know one day true love will rule the day.

Outsourced may have its fair share of hot guys, but the show is actually quite funny. I had heard criticisms of the show being a tad racist but I think that's outrageous. Outsourced is a classic "fish out of water" story, with one person taken from their usual surroundings and thrust into a totally different environment. The humor is born from the fact that Indian culture is totally unfamiliar to Todd and that his coworkers don't understand Americans' sense of humor. It's not breaking any new ground, but it's a sweet show with great, hilariously real characters and humor born from these characters' interactions. Hot guys and funny jokes--what more could you ask for from a show?


RJ said...

Outsourced is a terrible, terrible show. I have seen two episodes and could literally hear crickets chirping outside my window.

I agree that they are hot, though.

Dame James said...

I will say that Outsourced hasn't reached 30 Rock or Community levels of funny yet, but it's one of the few sitcoms around that has the potential to be great with time.

RJ said...

My problem is that Parks and Rec is so much funnier than it, as are Community, 30 Rock, and The Office (even though the clock is ticking on that one). If it stays, something has to go ... and that's a shame. I thought NBC's Thursday night lineup last season was amid the best it's ever been.