Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Videos That Make Me LOL

The first video is a skit from this past week's Saturday Night Live parodying Miley Cyrus. Seems like an easy target, but new cast member Vanessa Bayer's impression was absolutely spot on and hilarious. The voice may not be exact, but she gets the feeling for the Miley cadence while nailing the mannerisms (I'm particularly impressed by how she captured the way Miley's mouth is open as far as possible when she speaks). And the bit when Miley shows a clip from her new film pretty much sums up Miley as a dramatic actress. The best thing about this sketch, however, is how it skewers everything that is infuriating to fans like me about Miley and her persona. There's a bit where on this fake talk show, Miley is interviewing Johnny Depp and they talk about his work. Depp talks about how he likes to explore darker characters to which Miley replies, nonchalantly, "Yeah, me too!" For someone who is about as edgy as a Susan Boyle concert, Miley sure likes to think that she is so much darker than her persona actually is. Remember that horrible bit in her memoir where
she thinks she does Method acting on Hannah Montana? I'm mean, gurrrrrl please (oops, I'm getting ahead of myself). Stop acting like you're this really intuitive and mysterious actress when your darkest role has been in a Nicholas Sparks movie. Then, in the opening monologue, Miley delivers this joke that she thinks is the funniest shit on the planet but is really nothing more than a mildly interesting statistic about French people. I don't watch Hannah Montana on a regular basis, but I've caught a few episodes and this represents how I feel about Miley as a comedienne. The bitch ain't funny, plain and simple. She says lines with odd annunciation and emphasis in the wrong spots and tries to pratfall like she's Buster Keaton (who I'm sure she thinks she channels everyday in her work) but it mostly looks like she's trying too hard. I love Miley now (as a pop star), but this sketch was brilliant for calling her out on her shit.

This is a clip from Fantasia's VH1 reality show first brought to my attention by sexy man Joel McHale of The Soup. Fantasia was recently accused of having an affair with a married man, so she defends herself to her aunt by denying that their relationship went any further than being friends. Unfortunately, Fantasia's aunt doesn't believe her for a second and let's her know with a hilarious "Gurrrrrrl please." The way she says it makes me laugh EVERY TIME, I swear to God. I have a feeling this will become the new
"And by record, I mean VAGINA."

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