Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Does Joan Think?

"She turned down Playboy magazine...$200,000. Naked to the waist, on the cover. Turned it down. TURNED. IT. DOWN. Do you understand? And calls me up and says, 'What do you think, Mom?' because they always want the mother to agree. 'What do you think?' And you've got to be a mother: "Whatever you think, Melissa. I'm behind you 100 percent.' What do I think, WHAT DO I THINK? You stupid cunt, WHAT DO I THINK? Take off your pants, show 'em your pussy and get another $200,000! THAT'S WHAT I THINK! I'm 72 fucking years old! I'm playing to gays and old people! WHAT DO I THINK? I'm on the goddamn red carpet at 2:00 in the afternoon in the sun like a hooker in Miami! WHAT DO I THINK? Saying things like 'Who are you wearing?', 'Do you have any lucky charms?', 'WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?'"

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Party Peep said...

A cool read for grumpy peepz! Haha! Keep posting cool stuffs! Regards!

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