Friday, July 22, 2011

Cappy's Sidekick

We here at Rants of a Diva (and by we, I do mean me and only me) love Sebastian Stan. We loved him when he was on Gossip Girl. We loved him in his bit part at the beginning of Rachel Getting Married. We loved him on Kings. Most of all, we loved him when he was dating Leighton Meester, forming the world's most perfect celebrity couple, Meestan. He's been on the verge of becoming a big star for a few years now, but with his gig as Chris Evans' sidekick in Captain America: The First Aveneger this weekend, it may be closer to happening than ever before. Which is a relief because if anyone deserves to be more famous, it's Sebastian. He's the deadly combination of talented and sexy in a non-pretty-boyish way. Let's show off that sexiness by posting some pictures of him, shall we?


Anonymous said...

He will always be the douche in Hot Tub Time Machine to me. And I can't wait to see him in A View from the Bridge.

Blogger said...

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