Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Am Liz Lemon #5

A new semi-regular series in which I point out moments from Liz Lemon's life that have either happened to me in the past or are currently happening to me in my own life. This will be the ultimate proof that, once and for all, I am Liz Lemon.

"So when did this happen? [getting back with Dennis]"
"Well, last week was my birthday and everyone forgot except Dennis. He called, we went out and it wasn't too weird."

Thanks to JD, who recently pointed this moment out to me. Have I become Liz Lemon so much that I can't even recognize the similarities anymore?

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Melissa Punti said...

My name is Melissa Punti. I am currently writing a book about my own experiences as Liz Lemon. My book has not been published yet, however, I am almost finished it.
There is one part to my book called, When God gives you Liz Lemon, make Lemon-isms. This is where I talk about how other people see themseleves as Liz Lemon as well.
I would like to use and quote you in my book, if this is okay.
Please send me a message either way at
Thank you,
Melissa Punti