Tuesday, August 23, 2011

100 Hot Men and a Dame: #98 Brandon Flowers

98. Brandon Flowers
Occupation: Singer
Nationality: American
Age: 30
Best Known For: Lead singer of rock band The Killers

We're baaaaaack! After my first video in the previous installment of this series, "100 Hot Men and a Dame" returns to its roots. Back with Dave, we're here to discuss the charismatic lead singer of The Killers, the impeccably-named Brandon Flowers.

Dame James: When did you first encounter Brandon and, if it wasn't love at first sight, when did you fall in love with him?

Dave: Because he's a musician rather than an actor, I don't really have that moment where I first clapped eyes on them and reeled from the attractiveness. I was conscious of The Killers from their initial success, but I wouldn't say I really looked with attention at Brandon as a sexual object until his solo project, Flamingo. The video for "Crossfire" was basically an action movie trailer for Charlize Theron, but for me it was just as much a confirmation that Brandon Flowers is damn hot stuff. I mean, apart from anything else, he's basically tied up for the entire thing. And there's something very sexy about a submissive man when their face is that beautiful. He's even hanging upside down ready for a Spider-Man kiss!

Love came first in terms of falling in love with his voice - a friend of mine always says how she finds male lead singers of bands she loves sexy on some sort of higher level, and I understand exactly what she means - a man with a great voice, passionately in the moment of performing, wraps your experience of those brilliant songs up with your sense of their personality. I always refer to Hot Fuss when I talk about The Killers - nothing else compares - and I just love moments like the soft, tempting smoothness of the beginning of "All These Things That I've Done" or the wildness on "Somebody Told Me". And then there's that sort of drawl that you can totally imagine cockily calling you to the bedroom.

I'm trying to ignore the Mormon stuff. Can we discuss how hot he looks in a suit instead? (Since he won't take his shirt off, EVER.)

DJ: Really? I'm surprised it took you that long to realize his sexiness. I wasn't big into The Killers until college, even though my friend in high school was a big fan of Hot Fuss. Actually, I was aware of Brandon's hotness long before I really got into The Killers. I was flipping through an issue of Rolling Stone back in high school and came across a short profile of him. My first reaction was "Hot damn! Who is this hottie?" I think it was at that moment that I had to track down this CD because everyone knows that I only listen to male artists if I'm attracted to them.

I agree about his voice being a huge part of his sexiness. There's something about the thin veneer of melancholia underneath the aggressiveness of his vocals on "Mr. Brightside" that really appeals to me. I've never been much of a fan of rock bands, so I don't quite feel the same way your friend does but that's always been the stereotype, right? Everyone wants to fuck the lead singer, sometimes even if the band sucks but more so if they are fucking awesome. It's the reason every band between the Stones and Bon Jovi got so much action. In Brandon's case, I'd be more than willing to become a groupie and sleep with him, because that's what a good groupie does.

How can you ignore the Mormon stuff?! I'll admit that when I first found out, I was disappointed. But now that I've developed a Hot Mormon Fantasy, it only adds to my love for him. As long as he doesn't bring up God in the bedroom, I'm good. But Brandon sure does know how to fill a suit. He always looks so impeccably well made up, which is a rarity among rock artists. And, up until Hurts incorporated stylishness into their branding, I'd wager he was the smartest dresser in the music industry.

D: When it comes to music I'm very much a 'listen first, look later' person - I'm probably still not conscious of what half my listening library looks like. (Although would I have given Joe Jonas a chance if not for his face? Unlikely.)

Any kind of deep religious connotation puts me off. It doesn't infect the music or even his public persona though so it doesn't bother me unless I start thinking about it. Which I do reasonable often as HE NEEDS TO TAKE HIS SHIRT OFF. I would pay for a Killers gig in a heartbeat if he promised to show flesh. Suits are all well and sexy for photoshoots, but live, jumping around and getting sweaty - I need him to go all Adam Levine.

DJ: I'm currently rewatching the "Crossfire" video. I remember really digging it back in the day. And now I'm even more in awe at how well done the whole thing is. How incredibly rare is it to see a male rockstar let go of their ego and be not only the damsel-in-distress but saved by a female ass-kicker? It shows off Brandon's soft side, which I think only adds to his appeal more. Love the bad boys, but sometimes we need the sweet man as well.

Okay, so after Charlize, who would you rather see damsel in distress Brandon Flowers saved by? Ellen Ripley, Andy Garfield's Spider-Man, Christian Bale's Batman or McAvoy & Fassbender's Professor X & Magneto?

D: As far as the "Crossfire" video goes... I have to say, despite Charlize always rescuing him, I imagined them as a super crime-fighting power couple. Which is why I'd probably pick Ellen Ripley. This must be one of the rare instances where I'd choosing heterosexuality over gayness, but Charlize and Sigourney are sexy fierce bitches so it does something for me. And possibly that soft side stuff you mentioned. I don't really see Brandon as the weak one in a male-male relationship, but he could totally get owned by a female and remain awesome.

DJ: Ripley is a badass, but I'd go with Professor X and Magneto. Just for the gangbang possibilities, you know.

Is Brandon the only person on the planet who can pull off "guyliner"? (God I hate that expression).

D: Yes, probably, but, just for him, I'm thankful the concept exists.

So what are your thoughts on Brandon Flowers? Does he make a perfect damsel-in-distress? And, most importantly, can he pull off the "guyliner"?


jakey said...

Forget the guyliner. Brandon Flowers is the only man who can make lip gloss sexy.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Yup, that voice. "When Your Were Young" nails that melancholy tone.