Saturday, August 20, 2011

100 Hot Men and a Dame: #99 Michael C. Hall

99. Michael C. Hall
Occupation: Actor
Nationality: American
Age: 40
Best Known For: Emmy-nominated work as gay mortician Dave Fisher on Six Feet Under and serial killer Dexter Morgan on Dexter

For this entry in the 100 Hot Men and a Dame countdown, I enlisted my friend Sammi for help. Since we live five minutes from each other, I decided to do a video about Michael C. Hall. In case you've ever wondered what a typical conversation with me is like in real life, this video pretty much sums it up, as we discuss Hall but end up making pit stops all over the place. I hope you enjoy my first foray into vlogging! (And, yes, the sound is admittedly wonky, but a pair of headphones should make it all better. Trust me, it's worth it).

And what do you think about Michael C. Hall? Most importantly, would you rather be murdered by Dexter or embalmed by Dave?


Anonymous said...

That was great, keep the vids coming! I've been a fan of Hall's for a long time. When SFU was on, it was my favorite show. Now Dexter is. Obviously, it's not just him but there's something amazing about the way he's been able to make me almost forget a character as great as David just by totally inhabiting Dexter. I hope he never starts taking bland movie roles just for the sake of being in movies, but instead finds another great TV role when Dexter eventually ends. You should really check it out.

Dave said...

I can't believe you said "hot chocolate candy".

I was never really attracted to him on 'Six Feet Under' if I'm honest, but from what I've seen of 'Dexter' I think it's very geared to making him alarmingly sexy. I'm as into it as Sammi clearly is! (LOVE Sammi, by the way. I wish we could do ours as vlogs. And this is the first time I've seen you talk and move and stuff, it's EXCITING. (Not in a Dexter way. XD)) But on SFU I found him a bit pale and awkward so he wasn't generally very sexy (I might like that in a younger man, but he's a bit too old to get away with it. At least for me).

Dame James said...

Man, if you thought "hot chocolate candy" was bad, just wait until you see the next video.

I will definitely concede that Hall is sexier on Dexter, even from the snippets I've seen. But what I most appreciate about his SFU character is the fact that he's so unlike other gay guys. He's kinda weird, withdrawn and awkward, which is interesting in its own way. Especially since most TV shows that feature gay men wouldn't lead you to believe that people like him exist in real life. That equals sexy in my (admittedly strange) book.