Saturday, August 13, 2011

100 Hot Men and a Dame: An Introduction

Who are the hottest men of all time? And, furthermore, what makes a man attractive? These are questions that have been pondered since, I'm sure, the dawn of time, when cavewomen (and that one caveman who never seemed to be any good at hunting or gathering) sat around their caves and started "Oh girl"-ing about all the hunky caveman in their village. As the world grew bigger, so did the amount of men to choose from, which only allowed for more debate about what is and isn't attractive in a man. Is it just his looks, or must he have something else going on--personality, humor, some kind of talent--in order for him to truly be attractive?

Lofty questions, I know, but it's been on my mind recently. A friend and I jokingly had a conversation recently about putting together a list of our favorite hot guys. She said that it would probably ruin our friendship because we would fight until the death for our picks and I wholeheartedly agreed. But then I sat down, thought about it and realized that nothing was preventing me from making my own list. And thus an idea was formed. Not a particularly clever idea, mind you, but one with a lot of potential: a countdown of the hottest men of all time. I love hot men and I love lists. What could be more perfect than that? Answer: nothing.

So I poured my blood, sweat and tears into coming up with a list of my 100 favorite men. I snubbed men I definitely wouldn't snub in real life. It was a heartbreaking task, but I finally came up with a final, ranked list. Who was eligible for this list? First of all, this list was only open to famous people. How creepy would it have been if I included people I know in real life? Number 75: the hot guy with the nice body in my accounting class. Although some of these guys were/are major influences on who I like in celebrities, it's not right including high school crushes on a list such as this (Sorry Bobby Watson). Secondly, I included men from all different time periods and vocations on this list. It didn't feel right to limit sexiness to the some arbitrary period of years or just actors. Since I'm a movie guy, you will see a lot of actors on here, but there are also singers, athletes, royalty, models, fashion designers and even a news reporter! It's definitely covers a wide spectrum, which is appropriate because I like a wide variety of guys. Yes, this list will skew younger and newer since I'm still in my early 20's but I feel like I also cover a lot more "older" men then most people would.

I should stress at this stage that this list will be a personal list, not a definitive, "one for the masses" list. Not only does that idea bore me to tears but there's no fucking way I could live with myself going on and on about Sean Connery or George Clooney's sexiness and be forced to leave off someone like Francisco Lachowski because he's not mainstream enough. I would love for this list to stir up some kind of debate, but I don't want to get endless comments about how I'm an idiot because I included such-and-such person but didn't include another person. As with anything, beauty is subjective, so there can be no definitive right or wrong answer; I can only come up with my own opinion.

To make this project even more special, I decided to enlist the help of some friends. In each post highlighting a certain guy, I will be talking with a friend who likes that certain guy about why we love them, when we first fell in love, etc. Not only does it provide me with more inspiration than to simply post a bunch of hot pictures--not that there's anything wrong with that!--but I'm hoping it will be both far more interesting to read and a lot more special of a project (With that said, if you want to help out, I still have lots of slots open. Just e-mail/Facebook/Twitter me and I'll see where I can fit you in).

There, that should cover the introduction. I really hope you'll stick around in the coming weeks and months for this project. I'm hoping it will be an entertaining read with a few surprises popping up every now and again. Let the hot men commence!



"So I poured my blood, sweat and tears into coming up with a list of my 100 favorite men. I snubbed men I definitely wouldn't snub in real life."

so what you're saying is you're a whore ;) only thousands of men will do!

Dame James said...

Basically. I love a good looking man, what can I say?