Friday, June 29, 2007

Hey Paula!

Last night, Paula Abdul's new reality show Hey Paula! premiered and let me tell you it is a half hour of pure genius. As I've mentioned before, I have a special place in my heart for Paula Abdul. She was the first music artist I ever fell in love with (way back in Kindegarten) and I was super excited for her comeback on American Idol. Now with Hey Paula! I have a brand new reason to love her. She is so crazy and loopy that it is hilarious. The first episode followed Paula for a hectic 48 hours as she made an appearance at the Grammy's and then has to rush out to sell some jewelry on QVC. This episode was pretty awesome, but that was mostly because she treats her assistants like shit and started crying her eyes out because they forgot to pack sweatpants for her plane trip. The second episode was even awesomer because we find out that she is an insomniac. During the course of a half-hour, she goes from slighty loopy to batshit crazy. My favorite moment has to be when she was at the perfume factory, trying to decide what scent she wants to promote under her name. Her eyes are totally unfocused and most of her answers consist of "Mmmmm." And then she somehow ends up squatting on the floor with her blotters, talking about something totally off-the-wall. The episode ends with Paula doing those infamous satellite interviews in which she doesn't make any sense and looks like she escaped from the loony bin. Next week is sure to be interesting and I can not wait!

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