Saturday, June 30, 2007

Spice Girls Reunion Becomes Reality!

I already wrote about this when it was just a rumor, but let me say it now that it is true: I am super excited for the upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour. It’s only going to be an 11 city tour and it isn’t coming anywhere near Michigan (I think New York is the closest stop, but don’t quote me), but it’s one step closer to the reemergence of, in my opinion, the greatest female pop group of the past 20 years (they were certainly the most successful). Ten years later, their music still makes me want to just get up and sing and dance like a retarded person on crack. Maybe, if we pray hard enough, the Gods will pull through and we’ll get new ass-kicking music full of Girl Power and a sequel to the best so-bad-it-is-good movie that anyone will ever witness.

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