Monday, June 4, 2007

Larissa is Gone From "Charm School"

It was a sad night last night because Larissa, one of my favorite girls from Charm School, got voted off. In the end, Larissa's bad attitude, backstabbing and constant plotting bit her in the ass and she was pretty much thrown out of the Charm School house. It looked like she would get away with hiding Leilene's picture under Schatar's bed, but she ran her mouth, blamed it all on Shay and thus her downfall began. Once Shay found out that Larissa blamed it on her, all hell broke loose at Mo'nique's surprise party. Larissa got defensive and turned her back completely on Shay. At the elimination ceremony, the male Dean (I can't remember his name for the life of me) told Larissa that she was psychotic (I can kind of see his point but since when is he a psychiatrist) and Mo'nique practically told Larissa that she was sick of her.

Before all of this drama, the girls had another commandment to learn and for the challenge was to be interviewed by a celebrity. It turns out this celebrity was the fabulous Miss New York, who, as Mo put it, "is the Wicked Witch of the West to these girls." I loved Brooke/Pumkin's reaction when New York walked into the room and then asked her "So, have you spit on anyone lately?" The only one who didn't have a problem with New York was Saaphyri (who wasn't there long enough to meet her) and she easily, and fabulously, won the challenge.

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