Monday, July 14, 2008

They're Still In This Together

The new trailer for HSM3: Senior Year was released this weekend and, good Lord, it looks as craptastic as ever. I mean, what's up with the part where Gabriella stands up in the middle of the basketball game and starts warbling "Troyyyyyyyyy!" right when he's playing basketball. Doesn't she know he needs to keep his head in the game? I'll be the first to admit that it probably won't be any better than the first two since Vanessa Hudgens is still in it and she'll bring the suck factor hardcore as she usually does. Nevertheless, I am so there on opening weekend, pushing crippled 12 year old girls down flights of stairs to get a ticket and laughing obnoxiously at all of the wrong and completely inappropriate times. And, judging by the trailer, La Tisdale will have a shot at a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Anyone interested in helping me out with her campaign? We'll have to work hard to be out all of those so-called "legitimate" actresses in so-called "good" films. My favorite moment in the trailer, of course, belongs to her:

Hey Troy. When's the big game?
Troy: Yesterday.
Sharpay: Well, good luck...toodles!

Simply brilliant. And I am telling you, La Tisdale will dominate the world after this film is released. Couldn't we all use a little fabulous? It's not too much.

(For more HSM3: Senior Year trailer reactions, visit J.D. and mB at their respective blogs. You won't be disappointed!)


J.D. said...

Oh, you know I'm with you.


Marcy said...

I'm psyched.

Tisdale is amazing as always.