Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Emmy Winners

Best Performance in a TV Special:
Victoria Beckham, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

Best Supporting Actress in a Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie:
Ashley Tisdale, High School Musical 2

Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie:
Dame Judi Dench, Cranford

Best Reality Show (Non-Competition):
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

Best Reality Show (Competition):
Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School

Best Guest Star (Actor or Actress):
Britney Spears, How I Met Your Mother
(And, unfortunately, she'll have to settle for my award since the Emmy's have snubbed her from the Top 10 Finalists list. Those fucktards.)

Best Supporting Actor (Drama):
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl

Best Supporting Actor (Comedy):
Chi McBride, Pushing Daisies

Best Supporting Actress (Drama):
Rose Byrne, Damages

Best Supporting Actress (Comedy):
Vanessa Williams, Ugly Betty

Best Actor (Drama):
Hugh Laurie, House

Best Actor (Comedy):
Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Best Actress (Drama):
Glenn Close, Damages

Best Actress (Comedy):
Marcia Cross, Desperate Housewives

Best Drama:
Gossip Girl

Best Comedy:
30 Rock


Marcy said...

Just saw HSM2. James, you were absolutely right about Ashley Tisdale's performance. And is it just me, but did it feel like she had more screen time than Vanessa Hudgens? Tisdale's in the movie enough for me to consider her as lead...

But that is probably because Tisdale dominates the screen more than Hudgens ever had or will.

I'm not a huge fan of doctor dramas (gave up on "Grey's Anatomy" a long time ago) or even television in general, but "House" is a really great show. It never feels too ER-ish or soap-ish. Hugh Laurie is magnificent in every episode I've seen.

Dame James Henry said...

I'm glad you enjoyed La Tisdale in HSM2, Marcy. She definitely had more screen time in #2 than in the original, but it was probably equal to Hudgens'. It's like you said, La Tisdale dominates so much that a mere mortal like Vanessa Hudgens is rendered invisible.

I generally don't like doctor dramas either (never even got hooked on Grey's) but I live for House every week. The cases are fascinating, Laurie and the rest of the cast are brilliant and the mixture of humor and darkness always feels right to me.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your awards to the outstading performances of Glenn Close (Simple the Best Drama Actress of the year with her magnificent Patty Hewes) and Rose Byrne (Great, finnally this aussie actress shows her real talent with a good role). Damages is one of the best programs in last season... I can't wait for see the next season!!!...