Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Equation of Sorts on This Saturday Afternoon


Seriously. In my seven or so years of insane movie watching, no comedic performance has ever come close to matching Groucho Marx's non-stop, laugh-on-every-line delivery in Duck Soup. It's so rapid fire and intelligent, yet done without so much as breaking a sweat, I never thought I'd see the day when someone could match it. Well, that day has come upon us. Anna Faris, as an ex-Playboy Bunny who decides to become a house mother for a sorority, delivers a comedic performance that rivals the Great Groucho in The House Bunny. Every line that came out of her mouth had me curled up in laughter. I don't know how she did it in a movie that would probably be absolutely dire without her and her skills, but she does and I was hella impressed. It's seriously in the running for my Best Actress prize at this year's Diva Cup Awards.


J.D. said...

I think I need to see it again, because despite worshipping Anna, I really thought she was nothing EXPLICTLY special in THB?! She's so much better and funnier in Smiley Face (one of the, if not the, greatest comedic performances in a looooong time) and Scary Movie 3 it's not even funny (well, it is, obvs). :(

nick plowman said...

I thought she was as amazing in THB as she was in Simley Face, and I only watched the Scary Movie(s)for her, so. Yeah, I adore her.

DL said...

No, it hasn't been the best year for Lead Actresses, but I don't understand the logic behind declarations calling Anna Faris in The House Bunny the best female performance of the year.... Anne Hathaway, anyone? Melissa Leo? Juliette Binoche? Michelle Williams?

If you ask me, THB is among the 5 worst movies of the year. A couple of clever jokes and a very funny leading lady can't do much to save a directing job that may as well have been done by a third-grader. Uwe Boll probably could've milked more from that script, caused less fuck-ups in all the comedic timing and guided the cast better than the poor schmuck behind the camera of this dud .... I can't be bothered to remember his name.

< /rant> Sorry, I just wanted to like THB so much, and ended up hating it. :(

ed said...



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