Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Meltdown Has Begun (So Why is No One Talking About it?)

Pull up your seats because it has finally begun. This picture on the left is of Shia LaBeouf wearing a bag on his head. Why, you ask? Beats the hell out of me. Some people have hypothesized that he was trying to hide from the paparazzi, but I'm really don't think that that's the case. I think Shia is starting to pull a Lindsay (Lohan, of course). Just think: this picture came out just a couple of days after it was announced that Shia had lost his driver's license due to his DUI last summer. At this point, he's only a year or two from entering rehab, playing a stripper who gets mutilated by a psychopath and dating Clay Aiken while claiming not to be gay. I smell a trainwreck about to happen...I can't wait!

One thing puzzles me/makes me angry, though. Why aren't the tabloids and gossip blogs having a total field day with this? You know that if this was Lindsay or, heaven forbid, Britney, everyone would be crying out about an(other) impending meltdown. When Shia does it, everyone shuts the hell up. Oh, right, he has "talent" and "hates" this whole "celebrity" thing. Whatever. See you at Promises.


mB said...

It's the age old "boys are fooling around, girls are just naturally fucked up"

:: seething hate ::

Bring on the trainwreck I say!

nick plowman said...

Mean bitch.

Don't worry Shia, I will nurse you back to your hot, normal, talented self. I WILL NURSE YOU

Shia > Britney > Lindsay.

Yeah, I said it.

nick plowman said...

On second thought, perhaps a Shia meltdown could be kinda hot. I like my men vulnerable and flawed. Hm.

Michael Parsons said...

He is a man. He can breakdown and come back unlike women

Kayleigh said...

Because apparently it's okay for young male stars to lose it, but if they're a girl or once they hit 30 (Joaquin Phoenix's current state that has made him totally lose his raw sex appeal) then it's okay to mock them. Same with calling girls sluts for being promiscuous but guys are just Jack-the-Lad sorts who will do the stuff all boys do.