Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't You Wish You Were as Amazing as Meryl Streep?

Everyone, take notes. This is how you give an acceptance speech.

I hope, in my lifetime, Meryl wins another Oscar so I can see her give a speech this delightfully bonkers. And shouldn't everyone be allowed to kiss Ralph Fiennes on the mouth after winning any award?


nick plowman said...

Amazing. Wish I could have watched the entire show, as opposed to raiding You Tube this afternoon.

J.D. said...

Even if I didn't agree with the win itself, damn she's so lovably awesome.

mB said...

La Streep is kind of amazing. This definitely trumps my earlier favorite "2008 Derby" moment:

Kate W: "Anne, Meryl, Kristin... [awkward pause] Oh god who's the OTHER one?!"