Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looking Good, Mr. Westwick

I've always liked Ed Westwick, but I think his charm and personality is more readily apparent in his demeanor on Gossip Girl not necessarily his looks. He's not ugly, but he's certainly an acquired taste and certainly more out there than the bland and all-American looking Chace Crawford. So when this set of photographs from GQ emerged last week, my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Ed is smoking in these pics. Goddamn, who ever was the photographer behind these deserves some kind of Noble Prize for making odd looking models look like sex gods. If Penn isn't careful (and doesn't shave off that ridiculous beard), he may have some serious competition for the title of sexiest Gossip Guy.


J.D. said...

I. fucking. know. right.


Encore Entertainment said...

My sister is sort of obsessed with him. She likes his cheekbones. I plan to wed Leighton Meester in due time.

anahita said...

*giggles* he's so cuuuuute. *uber fangirl mode*

Be said...

he IS the sexiest guy on the show!
love him.