Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Can't Believe That Bitch Kylie Minogue Stole From Lady GaGa

We all know that along with inventing music, notes and scales, Lady GaGa also invented the dome-shaped platinum blonde wig. Jesus, why are all these old hag pop stars that no one cares about anymore ripping off our beloved GaGa? It's like they have never had an original idea in their head and must steal from the fresh-faced newcomer in order to be relevant. Aphrodite? Bitch please, Kylie Minogue looks more like Buddha than the Greek goddess of love. If GaGa were a Greek god, she'd be Zeus because she runs this motherfucker.

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Kameron said...

I know this isn't serious but you shouldn't joke around like this, it's dangerous. A way to make it a wig war you classy bitch.