Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Andy Garfield, Male Model Extraordinaire

Andy Garfield, hot off the heels of the announcement that he'll be the new Spider Man in the Marc Webb series reboot, is now the star of this new shoot from fashion label Band of Outsiders (LOVE that name, but, then again, I'm such a Godard nerd). I know I'm no fashion expert nor am I a good judge of what makes a photo great, but I must say that this playful, silly shoot is my favorite type. As much as I enjoy a shoot where nearly naked models pose wearing skimpy underwear--if even that--the best ones are where hot models are fully dressed and doing silly poses. Don't believe me? Here's Exhibit A and Exhibit B. Anyways, enjoy how much fun Andy is having here.

Here are tons more photos from the shoot.

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