Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nicky Hoult Rubs the Lotion on His Skin

I couldn't give two shits about whatever issue this charity is trying to raise awareness--and, honestly, it sounds like a bogus issue that's so obvious it doesn't even warrant a campaign like this--but any opportunity to see Nicholas Hoult in beach gear applying lotion to himself is worth every cent this bogus charity is throwing at it. I'm just jealous of the bitch who gets to rub the lotion on his skin. Why couldn't someone have hired me for this shoot to talk about one time I got sunburned on my back and it hurt a lot? I would have lied about getting a sunburn on my penis if it meant hanging out with Nicky and letting him apply sunscreen on my chest.

Here's a bonus picture from the shoot. I would love to stand under Nicky's umbrella-ella-ella.

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