Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why Isn't Reece Thompson Hired for Every Movie Ever?

If there are any casting directors reading this, please take note. The amazing Reece Thompson, star of the indie hit Rocket Science (along with the also amazing Anna Kendrick) from a couple years ago and the lost-in-distribution-limbo Assassination of a High School President (with the dire Mischa Barton), needs to be working in some bigger movies. How is it that Jonah Hill gets work in every other comedy around and Reece Thompson can't catch a break? He's an extremely funny fellow who could do equally well in films as different as Superbad and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and, unlike Michael Cera, could do different characters in each of them.

I was rummaging around his Wikipedia page and eventually stumbled across his MySpace blog. There are only three (short) entries and he hasn't updated in two years, but Reece still managed to make me giggle with his reaction to the vultures trying to steal him after Rocket Science premiered at Sundance:

Sundance is going great the reaction to the film has been incredible. I've had many agents come up to me and try and make me one of their whores. It's pretty cool.

I love this guy. And what's even more amazing about Reece is that him and his friends have started this site called Jitterbug Productions, which makes hilarious short videos about the most random things you can even imagine. I should know- I spent a good two to three hours yesterday watching most of them. Some of my favorites include First Date, which includes a revealing shot of our lovable Reece, What's Up, Doog?, a spot-on parody of dumb sitcoms and Reunion, which I've placed right below for your viewing pleasure.

Sigh. Isn't Reece amazing? Definitely worthy of a few more roles, don't you think? Well, I'm off to watch Rocket Science because I've been thinking about it for a couple of days now. Do yourself a favor and go watch it yourself.


Vance said...

I didn't love Rocket Science as much as everyone told me I would but I definitely LOVED Reece and thought he was one to watch for. (I think I was in a bad mood that day though and feel I should give the movie another chance).

J.D. said...

The more I think about it the more I'm realizing that he - CHLOE NOMINEE Reece Thompson - is like, my soul mate or something. He's not blandly gorgeous but insanely cute, and of course talented as fuck. I wish I had Rocket Science so I could watch it again. :(

Also, that thong. THAT THONG.

Dame James Henry said...

Vance: You really should. Except for the Thompson-Kendrick-D'Agosto combo, I wasn't too crazy about Rocket Science at first glance (I'm guessing I found it too quirky, but I'm not too sure at this point). It definitely improves a second time.

J.D.: Is Reece a Chloe nominee for Actor or Breakthrough Performance? I wasn't looking back at my nominees that year and I was stunned that neither Thompson or Kendrick made my shortlist for Breakthrough Performance. And, yet, I found room for that kid from Sweeney Todd? I have no idea what the hell I was smoking that day.

Anonymous said...

He's really quite amazing. I think I've seen just about everything he's been in that's been released, and since he's not a huge star, I like to show my support as much as possible.