Monday, March 30, 2009

The Most Hated Woman in America

Not because she's a horrible person (although I have no proof that she's not not horrible), but simply because she gets to sleep with this man...

...while the rest of us have to be content with listening to Kris' crooning on American Idol and gazing adoringly at his picture on our computer screens.

Who out there wouldn't want to wake up next to this in the morning?

I, for one, would not be complaining. In fact, I think I would start to enjoy it rather quickly.

Sigh. So pretty.

So, in short, we've learned three things today.
1. Kris Allen is dreamy.
2. I will become Kris' mistress and enjoy it. Immensely.
3. Kris needs your votes on American Idol because he is bringing sexy back to a show that's only had one legitimate heartthrob (my Blakey!) in it's entire run. Oh, and he's a great singer, too! How could I forget about that?


Vance said...

Has there been no other heartthrob? Hmm... I guess there really hasn't. Okay, now I really don't feel bad for my all out crush on Kris.

Vera said...

HANDS OFF, BIATCH! HE'S MINE! (I can dream, can't I?)

Nick Plowman said...

Yeah, I really am starting to hate my mother for cancelling the channel this airs on here.

Um, WoW. Just.

But y'all saw him first :(

J.D. said...

Now you know how I feel about Anne-Marie Duff, James.

Samantha said...

you are such a slut......i love that you are complete denial of his heterosexuality. ;p

RJ said...


Wooo. Sorry about that.

Let's hear it for a Kris-Allison-Adam final 3! Down with ghoulish widower!