Friday, March 20, 2009

American Idol Recap: Top 11

Before we get started on my (very, very late) recap, let me just get something off my chest about Wednesday night's elimination: How stupid can you possibly be, America? Voting the strongest female singer of the competition in the Bottom 3 after a strong performance? Eliminating the second best female singer after a slightly off week that was still better than half of her competition? NOT PUTTING THE BLIND GUY IN THE BOTTOM 3 AFTER DELIVERING EXACTLY THE SAME SAFE AND UNINSPIRING PERFORMANCE? Ugh, I just do not understand this country sometimes. How can you be exposed to genuine talent flashing across your TV screen every week and then still vote for the BLIND GUY? What the hell, people?

Okay, ranting over (for now). Let's get to the performances. Like last week, they are arranged, in order, in one of these categories.

Really ecstatic

Megan Joy "Walking After Midnight" Well, this was a pleasant surprise. Sick or not, I thought Megan was absolutely fantastic. Her voice, much like Fantasia, will divide more people than the Cotillard/Christie debate, but count me in as one of the lovers. She has instantly gone from someone not even worth a shrug to someone I will be anticipating next week.

Kris Allen "To Make You Feel My Love"
Why, oh why is this guy not available for me to marry? I wouldn't even have to think about it if he asked me. Not only is he adorable beyond words, but his take on this number was simply one of the most beautiful performances I've ever seen on this show.

Paula Clap
Quite good

Allison Iraheta "Blame It On Your Heart" Can this woman do every genre known to man? You would think this rocker chick would be lost during Grand Ole Opry week but she absolutely nailed the song. I can't wait for yodeling week now because we all know she'll kick ass at that too.

Anoop "Always On My Mind"
Where the hell did this awesome performance come from? Remembering his mediocre take on Monica's "Angel of Mine," I audibly groaned when I heard he was doing this song, so imagine my surprise when it was nearly as good as Kris' similarly stripped down performance.

Matt Giraud "So Small"
The performance has diminished slightly since Tuesday, but isn't Matt's version like 50 times better than Carrie Underwood's lackluster original? I love what he does behind the piano, but I hope Matt takes a break from all of this balladering and gets us on our feet this week during Motown week. It would definitely be a welcome change of pace.

Alexis Grace "Jolene"
I will admit that it wasn't as good as last week's performance, but it was nowhere near bad enough to get kicked off. On a side note, what the hell was up with Kara's comment that she should have sang "Before He Cheats"? I love Alexis as much as the next guy (well, apparently not after Wednesday night) but there's not a chance in hell that she would have ever surpassed Carrie's version. That song is not open for reinterpretation.

Dancing in My Seat
No one ever said it took much to get Paula on her feet

Lil Rounds "Independence Day" One word: trainwreck. Way to piss all over one of the best divas of country music's signature song. This woman needs to do something great soon to live up to all of this hype she's been given.

Danny Gokey "Jesus Take the Wheel"
It actually wasn't too bad- and for an ever brief moment I actually thought he was a good singer- but his performance of the Carrie Underwood standard made one thing perfectly clear to me: he's "American Idol" good but not "real world" good. This is a very subtle distinction but it's what clearly separates Kelly, Carrie, Jordin and Chris from Ruben, Clay, Justin, Diana, Taylor, Syesha, etc. I just can not see Danny as a recording artist in today's music industry. He has no personality, no looks, no preferred genre and I have no idea what his album would sound like.

"Well, You Look Beautiful..."
It's never good when she starts with this

Michael Sarver "Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)" Simon was exactly right: I couldn't understand a word coming out of his mouth. He should have gotten a free pass this week, but he completely fudged that up.

Scott McIntyre "Wild Angels"
Atrocious. He somehow turned a beautiful Martina McBride song into an incredibly cheesy power inspirational ballads that sounded EXACTLY like his performance last week. I think, for once in his life, Scott is thanking Jesus that he's blind because that's the only way he keeps getting voted through every week.

Adam Lambert "Ring of Fire"
What a complete piece of shit. Once again, Simon was spot on when he called this performance "pretentious." He finally toned down his screaming but everything else about his performance just reeked of "Look at me! I'm a respectable artist!" If this fuckhead wins the season based on shit like this, I seriously don't know if I can ever trust America again to pick an Idol again.


Vera said...

1) Totally agree that it was beyond the valley of the stupid to send Alexis home this week. And btw Simon, her "Jolene" sounded nothing like Dolly's version.

2) I don't quite get your Megan love. I think that when she gets a chance to sing a little Winehouse or Duffy or Adele she could kick some ass, though.

3) Kris Allen is not available for you to marry because he is engaged to me. Seriously, the guy makes me ovulate.

4) Loved Allison, SERIOUSLY loved Anoop, Matt I a little reserved about. BTW Randy, Matt is nothing like Timberlake and comparing him to Buble ain't no compliment.

5) I like Lil. I just do. And she really did look beautiful.

6) Jesus Take The Wheel? Uhg! I hate that song with a white hot passion. Anyone who sings it immediately earns my enmity. Even Carrie Underwood. And you are right. Danny Gokey is not good enough to be a mainstream star. He might have a future in Christian rock.

7) Time for Scott to go home.

8) Unlike Kara, Adam's performance left me confused and not happy. I don't know what to think of him, but I can say without pause that he is a major poser. Major.

Wow. This was a long comment. Sorry.

Vance said...

I didn't hate Michael's performance but the more I thought about it, the more it SHOULD have been a slam dunk for him. I mean, if any week he was going to get a free pass, it was country week. It's all going downhill from here. Especially on Motown week.