Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Sooo, Chad. I need a favor."

Sonny: Listen, I'm helping Tawni out and we need your courtside seats for the Lakers' game.

Chad: Oh, you mean these?

Sonny: Thanks, Chad!

Chad: Nah, not so fast! I have these seats because...

Sonny: ...you're the star of Mackenzie Falls, the number one tween show.

Chad: Oh! That's worth one.

Sonny: ...and you have the best tasting sandwich in the whole cafeteria.

Chad: *gasp* You have two, do you want to go for three?

Sonny: I can't.

Chad: Oooh, say it.

Sonny: I won't.

Chad: Say it.

Sonny: *mutters after long pause* You're the greatest actor of our generation.


J.D. said...

He's so pretty.

Monsieur Cinema said...

That he is.

seanisbored said...

Ya would.

Monsieur Cinema said...

Along with your thrice-in-a-row tweets, this reveals an unhealthy level of interest...but that's how Chad would want it.