Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Suck On That, Haters


Anonymous said...

This is a FAIL on the BAFTAs part.

J.D. said...

She beat Nick Hoult, though, James?

Dame James said...

Kameron: Stewart > Mulligan. Deal with it.

J.D.: Her and Hoult were equally deserving. I'm just annoyed that people are losing their shit that she won. I mean, honestly, the award is silly in its own right. Besides, it not like she won Best Actress for Twilight specifically. She is a rising talent, hopefully more in the indie world once the Twilight Saga wraps up.

J.D. said...

Well, if the BAFTA membership voted for it (since this was voted for the public), Mulligan probably would've won. But the whole "she only won because of the Twilight fans" thing is so blatantly obvious that it understandably pisses people off. You know as well as I do this was more for Bella than Stewart herself.

(She's still better in Adventureland than Mulligan is, tho.)

Dame James said...

Oh, agreed. If she didn't have Twilight backing her up, she never would have won.

Shhh. Don't let the Mulligan fanboys hear you say that! How dare you suggest that their glorious rising star was anything less than spectacular, sublime and perfect. Or even compare her to that piece of acting waste Kristen Stewart. The nerve! *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

Piss off! Haha Mulligan was way more deserving. Actually all of the others are way more deserving than Stewart, this fan picked award is a bit of a joke now. Ugh Twilight you ruin my life again!

RJ said...

She looks like SHIT in that picture.

BTW that should be in Tahar Rahim's hands.

Adam M. said...

This feeling is indescribable.

Let me describe it for you: it's, uh... just indescribable.

It feels like, well, uh... it feels so indescribable.


Some acceptance speech. Ptttth.