Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ultimate Teen Drama

Ryan Atwood as the main heartthrob- a rough-around-the-edges everyman with a sensitive soft side.

Season 2 Blair Waldorf and Series 1 Tony Stonem as the manipulative, eternally scheming antagonists we're supposed to hate but end up loving more than the protagonists.

Seth Cohen as the dorky sidekick who is actually more adorable and lovable than the main character.

Sandy and Kirsten Cohen as the cool parents every teen wishes was their own.

Julie Cooper-Nichols as the bitchy parent no teen wishes was their own.

Season 1, "I killed a man" Serena van der Woodsen and Season 2 and beyond Summer Roberts as the eternally loyal (and gorgeous!) female sidekicks who, in the right moment, can be counted on for a good punchline.

Chris Miles as the slacker sidekick always making the wrong decisions but never less than hilarious making them.

Jal Fazer as the badass conscience of the group who can always be trusted to lend an ear and give great advice.

Mackenzie as the rich snob trying to protect his turf from the invading poor heartthrob.

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