Monday, June 21, 2010

Two Examples of Why My Job Sucks

Example #1

Guest: Excuse me. I think left my bag at one of the lanes. Have you seen it?

Me: No, I haven't. If you want to check at Guest Services, they might have it.

Guest: I left it at one of the lanes.

Me (pausing momentarily): Well, it might be over at Guest Services.

Guest (turning to another cashier): I left my bag at one of the lanes.

Example #2

[Two young people, a guy and a girl, probably college age, come up to my lane. They are going through their basket trying to separate their items. The guy takes one of his items, decides he doesn't want it and stuffs it into the candy wall.]

Me: I'll take that item if you don't want it.

Guy: What?

Me (pointing to the candy wall): That item over there.

Guy: Oh.

[He then hands it over. They go back to their basket. He is deciding between two Father's Day cards. He takes the one he doesn't want and throws it on top of the pop cooler in front of my lane.]

Me: Did you want that card?

Girl (talking about some other random item): Yes, I just set it off to the side.

Me: No, the card on top of the cooler.

Guy: No.

[He hands it over and I finish checking them out. They leave. After another guest comes through, I notice some spilled water at the end of the lane where the bags go. Remembering that the guy had a bottle of water, I curse under my breath and grab the roll of paper towels that are supposed to be on my lane. There are none. Two older women pull into my lane. I now run around furiously to four different lanes trying to find a goddamn roll of paper towels. I finally find some and head back.]

Me (cleaning up spill, talking to women): Sorry about that wait.

Woman #1 (as sweet as pie): No problem! We've got nowhere to be.

[As I look at the spill more carefully, I realize that there is water, at least 3/4 of a bottle, on the floor all around the lane. I bend down and furiously start cleaning up the spill like I'm Joan Crawford towards the end of the No Wire Hangers scene in Mommie Dearest. The women proceed to look at me like I'm crazy.]

Me: Sorry again. The guy must have spilled his water bottle and didn't even say anything.

[I head back to the cash register.]

Woman #2: Do you need to take a breather?


Vance said...

I'm starting to believe the Europeans have it right. The customer ISN'T always right and in fact, it's an honour for them TO be served.

Vera said...

Oh honey. I feel your pain.

seanisbored said...

Every person should have to work a customer service job at least once in their lives.