Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"I don't know how to be gay."

"I used to think I was something else, like they'd make a whole new category for me. I like guys, but I like old films just as much. I don't know what to call that."

Oh, Moosh. I feel like you really get me sometimes.


Jose said...

You know, going with clichés and all, I've had some trouble with this line in particular.
When I saw the ep I felt for Marshall but isn't it one of the generalizations made about gay men, that they should like old movies?
I mean, other than the people who actually grew up with them, only dudes into dudes are supposed to watch TCM (in fact when I came out several people told me my love of old Hollywood had in fact tipped them off).
I know this isn't a scientific fact lol but felt it was a slightly flawed moment. Marshall's younger than us he should know better.

Dame James said...

I don't think the point of this line was to make the connection between homosexuality and love of old Hollywood. I think this is less and less of a cliché these days because I know plenty of gay men who are into film but have no interest in old movies. What this line is saying, I believe, is that Marshall is still trying to reconcile his identity as a gay man. He wants to believe he's special, or that he's at least different from other gays. From his experiences, he is different, but does this really set him apart from other gays?