Monday, December 27, 2010

Run Away With Me

I downloaded Howl the other night, aka the movie where James Franco makes out with Broadway hottie/Gossip Girl hottie Aaron Tveit in cute glasses, and have been on a Tveit kick ever since. Since I haven't had time to actually watch the movie, I've been looking for some bits of Aaron to tide me over until then. First of all, I downloaded the Next to Normal soundtrack, the Broadway show that gave Aaron his big break. The show is so massive--the music takes up two discs on its own--that I only got through half of it the other night, but I like it so far and Aaron's voice makes my heart melt. So when I stumbled upon a video of Aaron singing a song called 'Run Away With Me,' it was almost like he was doing everything he could to get me to fall in love with him. Honestly, he can take advantage of me anyway he likes and I wouldn't complain, but it's still nice to be wooed every now and again. Anyways, I listened to Aaron sing this 'Run Away With Me' and, gah, it was so bloody perfect. The song is about this guy asking a girl to basically stop everything and run off with him to some unknown future. Excuse me, is this even a question? If Aaron Tveit asks you to run away with him, you just go, no questions asked. He's beautiful, sings like an angel and did I mention that he is gorgeous? Watch this clip and judge for yourself, but I'm 99.5% sure you will be swooning by the end.

While trying to stop drooling over that performance, I noticed that Youtube recommended another version of 'Run Away With Me' sung by actor Michael Arden. Even less well-known than Aaron, I mainly know Michael for two reasons: he was the one bearable thing about the miserable romantic comedy Bride Wars as Kate Hudson's gay assistant and as the boyfriend of Sebastian Stan's Prince Jack, he got to smooch him on the unfairly canceled Kings a couple years ago. I listened to his rendition and, I'll be damned, but it was quite amazing in it's own unique way. Michael can't compete with Aaron in the looks department, but he sure as hell matches him when it comes to emoting. Have a look for yourself:

Sigh. Now we have some major questions that need answering: Who on Earth do I run away with now? Am I allowed to pick both of them? And, most importantly, who would you run away with if given the chance?

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