Monday, September 3, 2007

2006 Diva Cup Awards: Best Director

And the nominees are...

Bill Condon, Dreamgirls

Not only does Condon guide Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson into giving, in my opinion, the Best Supporting Actor and Actress performances of the year, he also performs miracles behind the scenes with his nearly flawless direction that proves that after Chicago and Moulin Rouge! musicals are back and as good as ever.

Key Scene: "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" is flawless, but the "Steppin' to the Bad Side" number is the way Bob Fosse would have done it had he been alive to direct.

Alfonso Cuaron, Children of Men

Holy long take, Batman! With his risky use of the long take and other directorial choices, Cuaron elevated this pretty average science fiction story into the realm of high art. A wonderous feast for the eyes even after repeated viewings.

Key Scene: The Procession of the Child

Michel Gondry, The Science of Sleep

Gondry has enough imagination for three directors and The Science of Sleep is further proof that he is one of the freshest directors of our generation. If you thought Eternal Sunshine was off the wall, wait until you see some of Gael Garcia Bernal's dreams...whoa.

Key Scene:
That final moment with Bernal and Gainsbourg on the horse...the closest I've ever seen anyone match the poetic beauty of the ending to Chaplin's City Lights

Christopher Nolan, The Prestige

Maybe not as perplexing as Memento, but I still left the theater trying to fit it all together. Definitely deserves a couple of viewings to see just exactly what went on.

Key Scene:
The Explanation of Why We Saw 100 Top Hats in the Beginning

Martin Scorsese, The Departed

Scorsese is back and better than ever. The film is 2 1/2 hours, but thanks to the quick pace and ass-kicking action, it never feels that long.

Key Scene:
Billy and Colin's Showdown on the Roof

If Only There Were Six: John Cameron Mitchell,

Rest of the Top 10: John Curran, The Painted Veil...Pedro Almodovar, Volver...Paul Greengrass, United 93...Sofia Coppola, Marie Antoinette


Michel Gondry, The Science of Sleep
Alfonso Cuaron, Children of Men
Martin Scorsese, The Departed

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