Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who's Better?: Anne Hathaway vs. Michelle Williams in "Brokeback Mountain"

Last night I watched Brokeback Mountain again, and two things really stood out on this viewing (my 5th, in case you were wondering). The first is that final scene between Ennis and Alma Jr. when she tells him that she is getting married. All these questions kept popping into my head: Does Alma know about her father and Jack? If she doesn't, will she ever know? Does she ever wonder why her father spends all of his time alone and doesn't get remarried? I know it's probably immaterial to what's going on in the film, but I just couldn't help thinking about it.

The second is Anne Hathaway. Now, I was a big Hathaway supporter for this film when everyone was raving about Michelle Williams and ignoring her but, overall, I felt Williams was just a teensy bit better. And through multiple viewings, I felt confident in this assessment. But, after last night, damn....Anne Hathaway just blew me away this time. While all I could think about concerning Michelle Williams was how little she is actually in the movie, Hathaway nearly stole the damn show. She's brilliant not only the big telephone call scene, but also the smaller ones like the Thanksgiving debacle between Jack and her father (in which she doesn't say more than five words) and the scene where Jack is looking for his blue parka. I'm not going to take anything away from Williams (she's absolutely brilliant) but Hathaway really should have been nominated right next to her on Oscar night 2005.

Now that I've said my piece, who's you favorite Brokeback woman: Anne "Here are my breasts!" Hathaway and Michelle "Jack Nasty" Williams?


J.D. said...

I love Anne with all my heart, but Michelle was a lot better.


well they both have terrific boobs. I mean michelle is better since she's given more to work with but for what Anne is given... my oh my but that's a stealth performance. I can't wait to see her get that one role that breaks her out as a major talent (she's already a star of course)

Jacob said...

I have to side with the popular consensus and say that Michelle Williams was best. That 'Jack Nasty' line is something of a national treasure. It ought to be on a plaque somewhere.