Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Movie Memory: Batman Returns

Before I came to college last fall, I went to the movie theater so infrequently that it was always a special treat. No matter how sucky the film was (and boy did I see some stinkers), I had a ton of fun with my friends, family and reveling in the experience with all the wonderful people out there in the dark. So, for my first entry in this brand new series, I'm going back to the first film I can remember ever seeing in a movie theater...

Batman Returns (Tim Burton, 1992)

Needless to say, this entry is going to be pretty short because I was only four when it came out and the film is really fuzzy in my mind. Here's what I do remember:

1. For some reason, it was just my dad and I who went to see it (I have no idea where my mother and younger brother were).
2. Danny DeVito was freakishly short. And kinda creepy.
3. Catwoman. In fact, Michelle Pfeiffer is only thing I really remember about this movie. That scene where she first puts on that rubber suit and then drinks milk off the bowl on the Looking at this transformation 15 years later still really impresses me (Note to self: Watch this movie again).

Meow indeed...

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