Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Oscars are Racist

The other day I was looking through a bunch of my old notes on Facebook (which I wrote on a lot before I got my spiffy new blog) and I came across the one I wrote the morning the Oscar nominations were announced last year. Appropriately titled "Oscar Nominations---I'm pissed!", I basically ranted about how Dreamgirls, which at that point was my favorite film of the year, was denied a Best Picture nomination and, at one point, I called the Oscars racist. I'm still a little bitter (although The Departed was a smidge better) but I think it's funny how angry I got. I haven't seen a film yet this year that I will be crushed if they don't get a Best Picture nomination (my two favorites- Hairspray and Hot Fuzz- have no chance in hell) but it could possibly happen towards December and January when I see more of the "real" contenders.

So, I guess this could be interpreted as a warning because when a film or performance I love is getting bashed by critics, bloggers and the racist Academy, I won't shut up about what an injustice it is and just how great it actually is. I did it last year when J. Hud got bashed by everyone on the internet and I will do it again.

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J.D. said...

So, just because I don't have any black friends, does that mean I'm racist?


I don't even have any white friends! I don't even go to school! I'm equal opportunity, baby!

That was weird...