Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random Top 10: Best Britney Songs

In honor of Britney Spears' new CD being released today (I'm picking up my copy in a couple of hours!), here are my 10 favorite Britney songs:

10. "I Love Rock 'N Roll" (Britney)

Not as great as the original, but trashy enough to be spectacular.

9. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (Oops!...I Did it Again)

Ditto the above. In sixth grade
I loved this song so much I played it for about four hours straight. I recognize that the Rolling Stones' version is a TON better, but damn this is a good time.

8. "Gimme More" (Blackout)

Forget about the now infamous VMA performance back in September and this truly awful video: "Gimme More" is one of the few songs out right now that I will stop everything and sing and dance to no matter where I am.

7. "Overprotected [Darkchild Remix]" (Britney)

The album version is definitely not bad, but I love the grittier Darkchild remix better.

6. "...Baby One More Time" (...Baby One More Time)

Back to where it all began. It's hard to imagine this was only 8 years ago.

5. "Oops!...I Did it Again" (Oops!...I Did it Again)

I like the song well enough, but this music video is truly fantastic. That red jumpsuit, the instantly memorable choreography, that diva-licious entrance; she had me at "Oops!"

4. "Stronger" (Oops!...I Did it Again)

Such an empowering song and probably Britney's best vocals to date (which isn't really saying much, but I think they're great here).

3. "I'm a Slave 4 U" (Britney)

I loved this song the minute I saw Britney dance with that boa constrictor around her neck at the VMAs. I've even done my own embarrassing interpretation of it.

2. "Toxic" (In the Zone)

This is probably Britney's strongest single. Instantly catchy and one of the greatest dance songs ever. Plus, this is the song that redeemed her after that lackluster duet with Madonna.

1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy [The Stop Remix!]" (...Baby One More Time/Drive Me Crazy Soundtrack)

I know it's not her greatest song per se, but it's the one I've always loved the best.
The song is a great improvement over the lackluster album version. This video was on all the time back when I watched TRL everyday after school and every second is a pure nostalgia trip: the emerald green top, the choreography, Melissa Joan Hart, the word "CRAZY" in big red neon letters, the way in which she screams "Stop!" and everything does. Britney was such a diva in this video and I wish her all the luck in the world in trying to find that side of her again.

What are your favorite Britney songs? Let me know in the comments!


J.D. said...

My faves are most likely Stronger, Toxic, and (as much as I don't like to admit it) Oops!...I Did It Again. Watching the video reminded me of so much, and I remember every lyric.

I was a weiird seven year-old.


Toxic by a country mile

I am also fond of Slave 4 U (even though it's so so wrong) and OOPS (for sure).

I like the duet Madonna better than just about anyone else does and I am also partial to I'm Not a Girl... (but only because I think it's hilarious) but at this point I think Britney needs to take a few years off and get some serious medical and pyschiatric help before attempting to win us all over again --the slutty young pop bullseye thing she was is gone and any attempt to recapture it will only lead to disappointment. If you don't evolve you become a joke --Madonna totally understood that. Even Christina Aguilera seems to get it. Britney hasn't yet caught on.