Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Top 10: AfterElton's Hot 100

AfterElton has just announced their second annual "Hot 100" list, which celebrates the hottest men according to gay and bisexual men. I didn't vote last year, but I did read the list and it was surprising to see who made the cut (many of the actors from Queer as Folk) and who didn't (Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher). So, because I'm in a giving mood today, here's the list I submitted a few days ago, complete with pictures to admire the beauty of these men.

10. Casey Affleck

9. James McAvoy

8. Tom Brady

7. Blake Lewis

6. Joel McHale

5. Adam Brody

4. Zac Efron

3. Channing Tatum

2. James Marsden

1. Jake Gyllenhaal


sora said...

You have excellent taste in men, James. :)

mB said...

Very nice. I do love me some Casey [the better] Affleck and can Zac be any hotter in that pic?